Portfolio Types

Every client has a different requirement from their investments and we implement portfolios which range from “defensive” – those requiring a stable approach with maximum income produced, to “growth” – where the predominant allocation are to growth-orientated investments.

All asset allocations can be altered to suit changing personal circumstances as well as altered to reflect changing economic and market conditions.

What are the features?
  • Timely and Accurate Investment Reports – You will receive a consolidated report on a quarterly basis which summarises all aspects of your investment portfolio. As well as these reports you can request an up-to-date report at any time outlining your investments and returns.
  • Annual Taxation Summary – At the end of each financial year we will provide a taxation summary detailing all your income on investments with us. By providing consolidated information the preparation of your tax return will be simplified.
  • Regular Deposits or Regular Withdrawals – Should you require income from your investments we can provide a monthly or quarterly payment directly to your nominated bank account. Alternatively, you can make regular monthly or quarterly payments into your portfolio. We can tailor this to suit your savings needs.

What are the benefits?

  • An end to the paper war – All of your interest and distributions transactions are recorded directly and reported to you quarterly in a simple one page distribution summary.
  • Access to a wide range of investments – Your funds can be invested in wholesale funds which are usually only available to large institutional investors. We are able to access investments in Australia and the UK that would normally be difficult to access.
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Portfolio Managment
If you choose to implement an investment plan with VIP Financial Services we will first take into account your individual objectives and personal risk
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