Public Disclosure Information


Licensing Information

V.I.P. Financial Services Limited is a Licensed Financial Advice Provider, regulated by the FMA, to provide financial advice services. We employ one financial adviser, Craig Fraser, to provide advice on our behalf.

Financial Services Provider Number – 46772

You can check that VIP Financial Services is a financial services provider and that Craig Fraser is also registered at http://fspr.govt.nz.

Nature and Scope of Financial Advice Services

We provide financial advice in relation to your investments (including your KiwiSaver, managed investment schemes and other products such as direct share investments, bonds and listed investment companies). We also provide a Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS).

For KiwiSaver and investment products, we provide advice on a range of KiwiSaver products, a wide range of managed investment products, Australasian equities, and NZ Government and corporate bonds.

Please refer to the 'Our Advice Process' section of our website for more details of the services we provide and the types of investment products used in portfolios.

Our Fees

There are ongoing fees and expenses that need to be paid in relation to my financial advice. The actual fee charged to you will depend on the nature and scope of the advice or service we provide. We will discuss and agree the actual fees with you before we proceed and explain how they are payable.

Percentage Based Charges

I charge a fee for the financial adviser service I provide to you.  We charge an ongoing management fee for monitoring client's investment portfolios. Fees are paid monthly in arrears

The following outlines the types of fees which may apply:

·         Ongoing management fee - for monitoring your investment portfolios. These fees are calculated based on the value of your invested funds.

·         MMC Wealth Administration Fee - for the use of the MMC Wealth Administration wrap platform.

·         DIMS fee – You will need to pay an ongoing fee for DIMS. The exact fees we will charge will be confirmed at the time the advice is provided and agreed upon in writing beforehand. The wrap platform provider and the custodian charge a fee for providing the portfolio administration and custodial service. This fee is calculated daily, paid monthly in arrears and are described in the Service Disclosure Statement and Investment Proposal. The underlying fund managers will also charge you fees

We will discuss any applicable fees with you and provide more details about how they will be calculated when we understand what your needs are.

We do not charge any fees in relation to advice we provide about your KiwiSaver.

Conflicts of Interest

We are here for our clients and to advise you as best we can.

VIP Financial Services Limited is not an issuer of, nor has any interest in the provider of any Financial Products and can invest in a wide-range of Financial Products on behalf of investors. Neither the Directors nor shareholders of VIP Financial Services Limited has any interest in or receives any benefit from any of the Financial Products that VIP Financial Services Limited could invest in when providing services to you.

No other fees, charges, commissions, distribution fees, rebates or any other forms of payment are received by VIP Financial Services Limited at any time.

To ensure we prioritise your interests:

  • We follow an advice process that ensures our recommendations are made appropriately, based on clients' goals and circumstances.
  • Craig, our adviser, undergoes annual training about how to manage conflicts of interest.
  • We maintain registers of conflicts of interests and the gifts and incentives we receive. These registers are monitored regularly, and additional training is provided as required.
  • We undertake an annual independent Compliance Assurance Review by Strategi.

Our Internal Complaints Process

If you have a problem, concern or complaint about any part of our advice or service, please tell us so that we can try to fix the problem. Our internal complaints manager is Craig Fraser who can be reached via email at craigf@vipsolutions.co.nz or 03 687 9045. Craig will reply to you within 24 hours.

When we receive a complaint

  • We will consider your complaint and let you know how we intend to resolve it. Where possible, we try to resolve your complaint immediately.
  • If we are unable to resolve your complaint immediately, we will acknowledge your complaint within 2 business days. We may contact you to get further information about your complaint.
  • We aim to resolve complaints within 2 working days of receiving them. If we need more time to investigate your complaint, we will let you know when you can expect to receive a response to your complaint

We will contact you by phone, email or letter to let you know whether we can resolve your complaint and how we propose to do so.

Our External Complaints Process

If your issue remains unresolved, you have the option to contact the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman ("IFSO") whom VIP Financial Services Limited has engaged as an Approved Dispute Resolution Scheme to provide dispute resolution services. This service will cost you nothing and will help resolve any disagreements.

You can contact the IFSO at:

Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman

PO Box 10 845

Wellington 6143

Phone: 04 499 7612

Email: info@ifso.co.nz  

Duties Information

VIP Financial Services Limited and our adviser are bound by the duties of the Financial Markets Conduct Act to:

  • Give priority to your interests and exercise care, diligence and skill in providing you with advice
  • Meet the standards of competence, knowledge and skill set out in the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services
  • Meet standards of ethical behaviour, conduct and client care set by the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services

This is only a summary of the duties we have. More information is available by contacting us, or by visiting the Financial Markets Authority website at https://www.fma.govt.nz.

Our Office Contact Details


Level 1, 45 Heaton Street, Timaru 7910, New Zealand

Phone: 03 687 9045

Email: craigf@vipsolutions.co.nz

Website: www.vipsolutions.co.nz

Contact Details

45 Heaton Street
Timaru 7910
New Zealand
M. 0274 992 495
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