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Investment advice is a dynamic process involving regular monitoring, communication and reviews to ensure your investment strategy is always consistent with your long term goals and changing investment requirements.
As a starting point we look at your current situation and, just as importantly, where you would like to be in the future. Then, and only then, will your investment adviser design and implement a strategy that is built to fit your requirements, one that is unique to you. This holistic approach means we look at the big picture and develop strategies to help you achieve your long term financial goals.

We are all different and unique so it stands to reason that each goal and plan will be different but the process will not.

The process of structuring a plan will follow the normal six step financial planning process. This can be summarised as follows:

1. Establish and define our relationship with you
Initially we will discuss in broad terms what your aspirations are financially and in terms of the lifestyle you want to achieve. We will explain the type of services we offer to assist you in meeting your goals. We will explain in full the basis of our charges and provide you with a disclosure statement, this contains information on who we are, how we work and how we are paid for the advice we provide.

2. Gather information and identify your financial goals and objectives
We gather data to see where you are today, this is the starting point from which we measure your financial goals. We also help to define your goals and priorities and assess what resources you have available for achieving these. This will involve looking at your current financial situation and measuring your tolerance to risk. Risk profiling will enable us to determine how comfortable you are at taking risks to achieve your goals and allow us to devise strategies specifically for you.

3. Analyse and evaluate your financial situation
We then analyse and evaluate the information provided to come up with the best possible means to achieve your goals.

4. Develop and present investment planning recommendations
We will then present your investment plan to you, this will provide recommendations and solutions to the issues identified in the analysis. This plan will be tailored to meet your own unique circumstances.

5. Implement the recommendations
Once we have agreed that this suits your needs, an implementation plan will be put in place.

6. Monitor and review your financial plan
We constantly monitor the plan and make changes should it be deemed necessary. This ensures your plan is meeting your financial goals.

Our role as investment advisers is to assist you to clarify your goals and working with a team of professionals to make sure you achieve your financial dreams. We often work closely with your accountant and lawyer at the time of establishing your plan and on an ongoing basis.
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